The 15 gay misogynists you’ll meet in the comment thread of an article calling out queer sexism

So, that little story about a certain Chicago gay bar’s “No Women After 11 p.m.” policy has gotten picked up quite a lot — by The Advocate, Queerty, Instinct, Eater, A.V. Club ChicagoChicagoist and

While I typically try to avoid the comment sections of stories I’ve written, this time I couldn’t resist — I wanted to see what people had to say about what appears to be a  public accommodation’s pretty clearly illegal, anti-woman policy — particularly considering what a wide audience the story has gotten.

Let me tell you — it’s like a trip down the “Women ruin EVERYTHING” rabbit hole.


Number one: “Just two blocks over from Boystown are tons of straight bars. Go there and stop bitching because you can’t get into the local gay bar.”

Number two: “It is not a matter or not allowing women into bars, it’s about reserving a very few very endangered spaces that are just about men. … I don’t need ‘straight allies’ in gay bars any more than I need them in my bedroom giving suggestions.”

Number three: “its [sic] a gay bar…think of it as a mens [sic] restroom…its a MENS [sic]restroom. use your little brains, there is no discrimination going on here.”

Number four: “Good ive [sic] been to a lesbian bar before and wasnt [sic] permitted, as it was women only. Why do women got to get all bitchy when they are not allowed in somewhere but when men are on the other side its ok.”

Number five:Women are equal enough to men now that they should be able to handle this without crying victim.”

Number six: “Why do women always demand to go where they are not wanted? Often half naked!”

Number seven: “Wherever there are straight women, you will find straight, horny men–who get drunk and pick fights, especially if another man hits on them. That is why women need to be kept out of gays [sic] bars.”

Number eight: “If I seen a gay bar with a bunch of straight women I would immediately leave. It’s not a gay bar anymore. It’s a faghag bar. I’m looking to see men when I’m at a bar or gay club. So it needs to be at least a limit on how many women can enter. Lets [sic] face it, its a males playground in a gay bar.”

Number nine: “Dear girls, we know you are fun, fierce and fabulous but sometimes - when the boys want to play with each other - your presence just brings the mood down. Is this really so difficult to understand?”

Number ten: “It wouldn’t be so bad if the lesbians weren’t such loud, obnoxious drunks. I don’t see a problem with men only after a certain time in a large city like Chicago. I’m sure there are lesbian bars where they can be loud and drunk.”

Number eleven: “Another reason why some owners and bartenders want to keep lesbians out, is that lesbians are notorious as being bad tippers.”

Number twelve: “It’s horrible going into a crowded gay bar only to find a bunch of drunk loud mouthed straight girls holding each others hair while they vomit. The only thing worse than the straight girls are the fags that bring them. They ALWAYS go home alone and bitchy and they never know why.”

Number thirteen: “The gay community is NOT QAF. That was a tv show, not real life. In real life, gays and lesbians don’t normally hang together.”

Number fourteen: “Gay men are also an oppressed minority. Straight men and women don’t get gay-bashed and lynched and hung from barbed wire fences because they’re gay — only gay folks get that special gay-bashing treatment.”

Number fifteen: “Gay men have so few places that are our own. All week and every day, we function in a world run by straight men and women. And, by and large, we get by — with some homophobia and gaybashing thrown in by straight society just to keep us on our toes.”

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